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Coding & Billing

Clear Physician Services’ mission is to deliver excellence in medical billing and coding services, which helps you to get the reimbursements. We have a separate team for coding and our value-added services help our clients to enhance their receivables.

We provide medical coding services with improved quality and our expertise makes a huge difference in your organization. Medical coding is the main factor that impacts your practice. Without expertise, you are going to increase your exposure to risk. With our outsourced medical coding, you can get fewer denials, improved revenue, and cleaner claims. Clear Physician Services helps in decreasing the costs, enhances coding accuracy and also guarantees compliance with government regulations.


At Clear Physician Services, you can:
•    Increase your cash flow
•    Optimize your revenue by reducing compliance risk
•    Decrease administrative burden


Consider just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing to Clear Physician Services:
•    Daily electronic submissions expedite your reimbursement;
•    Frees up your staff to focus on providing superior care;
•    Eliminates in-house billing employee salaries, vacations, sick days, and payroll taxes;
•    Eliminates the need to send employees to billing seminars or additional training;
•    Eliminates hassles of employee turnover;
•    Professional follow-up, appeals, and complaints submitted to the proper agencies.


Our services:

•    Accurate coding to the highest reimbursement level per documentation

•    Charge entry
•    Claims submission and management of clearinghouse services
•    Bank deposits and payment receipts
•    Payment posting
•    Monthly Reporting: accounts receivable (A/R) and denial code
•    A/R follow-up and appeals
•    Patient statements
•    Data entry of patient demographic and insurance verification
•    Secondary claims processing
•    Protocol development for data entry at physician offices
•    Benchmark reports and ongoing reports on A/R collection rates

From technology to compliance, we understand each and every operation. Our medical coding experts speak the language of HIPPA compliance, insurance claim submission, payer contracting and denial resolution. Our in-depth knowledge of revenue cycle management services and advanced workflow management will deliver predictable results.


We have a team of certified professional coders who is well-known in diagnostic, procedural and ASC coding. We also customize the medical coding level in order to meet your needs. Our main goal is to promote your coding accuracy and decrease claim denials. The coding work will be audited by compliance experts in order to ensure the highest accuracy. We offer facility or professional coding and also match the coders according to your operations.


Through a structured methodology, we follow the coding process that worked well for large clients.  Our coders analyze, monitor and enhance your documentation from getting reimbursement and denials. Our experienced coders determine the codes carefully based on the details given by the professionals. Our medical coders communicate with healthcare providers through telephone, email, etc.


We have certified coders and the medical coding process is tailored based on the protocols and client's policies. Our medical coding services include better accuracy, highly economical, 100% HIPAA compliance, fewer denials and clean claims, transparent methodology with reduced risk and consistency, streamline revenue cycle, etc.


For more information on our coding and billing services, contact us or call 855.80.CLEAR (855.802.5327) and let us discuss how we may grow your practice.

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